1. The Luminous Black (ode to the Fallen Angel)
  2. Path to Apocalypse
  3. Through Blood By Thunder

In preparation for their third full-length, INFINITUM OBSCURE have entered the studio and produced this mCD containing new material, a re-recorded old track and a tribute to the mighty BATHORY. Death Metal Darkness Returns!

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MANTICORE – Behold the Ascension of the Execrated CD

  1. Behold the Ascension of the Execrated
  2. From the Darkness Below
  3. Abhorrent Baptism in the Vestal Cavity
  4. Procession to Possession
  5. Denying the Resurrection *listen*
  6. Torn Apart by Hate
  7. In Nomine Satanas (Venom Cover)
  8. Filth Upon Filth
  9. Abolished Holy Conceit

Brand new 2012 full-length release from Cleveland’s masters of bestial black/death metal!

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NOMINON – The Cleansing CD/LP

  1. Satanical Incubation (Intro)
  2. In The Name Of Gomorrah
  3. Mausoleum
  4. Unholy Sacrifice
  5. The Cleansing
  6. Abhorrent Parasites
  7. Hellwitch
  8. Obliteration *listen*
  9. Son Of Doom
  10. Infernal Rites

Sweden’s NOMINON returns with their fifth full-length album.
Morbid obscurity awaits as “The Cleansing” features NOMINON at their darkest and most malevolent.

Available in DIGIPAK CD, BLUE VINYL LP (with embroidered patch), and BLACK VINYL LP formats!

LP version includes bonus track “Slaughter The Imposter”.

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MORDBRAND – Kolumbarium 7″ EP

  1. Consume Them *listen*
  2. Let Them Slumber

The latest slab of old school darkness from these masters of Swedish Death Metal.
Their heaviest material to date, Kolumbarium continues down Mordbrand’s path of deadly hymns of the rotten.

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  1. Parasitic Demise
  2. Dead Priest
  3. Head Wound
  4. Concussion
  5. Engulfed In Feces
  6. Cadaverous Compost
  7. Born Of Fire
  8. Culture Of Death

After an 8-year wait, the debut album from Jacksonville, Florida’s CYSTIC DYSENTERY has finally arrived!
Brutal, technical death metal with an old school feel, highly recommended for fans of Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Origin, Gorguts and Deeds of Flesh! Front cover artwork by Jon Zig!

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  1. Twisted Maniacs *listen*
  2. Wizards Of Silesia
  3. Rusted And Demonized
  4. Dreadful Romance
  5. Hells Driven Anger
  6. Remain Breathless
  7. Vulgar Darkness

The first full-length release from this Polish cult of sodomy and death. Members of Throneum conjure pure filth and vile oldschool
darkness for devotees of Hellhammer, Sodom and Bathory.
Seven songs of alcohol fueled Satanic evil.

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CIANIDE – The Dying Truth (Re-issue) CD

  1. Scourging At The Pillar
  2. The Dying Truth
  3. Funeral
  4. The Suffering
  5. Human Cesspool
  6. Mindscrape
  7. Crawling Chaos *listen*
  8. Second Life
  9. Morbid Restitution
  10. Funeral
  11. Choose Your Death
  12. The Dying Truth
  13. Mindscrape
  14. Human Cesspool
  15. The Suffering
  16. Second Life

2012 Re-issue of this death/doom classic from 1992 with its original intended track
order and “Funeral” (Demo 1990) and “Second Life” (Demo 1991) tracks as bonus.

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  1. Vile Affliction
  2. Alternative Reality
  3. Cycle of Life
  4. Fresh Flesh Fetish
  5. Bleeding
  6. Sweet Decay
  7. Forever Eternal Darkness
  8. They Come At Night
  9. Primordial Existence

Killer old school death metal from Indiana, USA.
Featuring members of Invasion, Afterlife, Skullview and Thanatopsis. 9 tracks. Highly recommended!

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AVENGER – Bohemian Dark Metal CD

  1. Vitej zpatky doma…u krajine smutku a beznadeje
  2. Fales a apatie *listen*
  3. Dusevni chirurgie
  4. Vstric dalkam
  5. Umirani zivotem
  6. Z Jeho krve (instr.)
  7. Kledme, plamen duse!
  8. Dark Metal

The fifth and definitely the best sounding Avenger album ever, celebrating 20 years of the band’s existence.
Issued in digipak format.

Get this NOW!!!

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KING – Forged By Satan’s Doctrine CD

  1. Summon Shub-Niggurath Ye Black
  2. No Pray No Mercy Just Death (Unpromised Satan)
  3. Kill The Posers Like Fucking Christians
  4. When The Walls of Heaven Turn In Black
  5. Evil Evangelization
  6. Emperor of Darkness *listen*
  7. The Ruthless Attitude of Evil Sobervia
  8. Satan’s Fabrica
  9. Macabre Satanas
  10. Nonlaughter – Zero Fucking Happiness
  11. What’s Satan Domain

Blasting and uncompromising death/black metal from Colombia.
Crushing the gates of heaven, KING has brutally risen to the throne of evil and crude metal for 2012!
11 tracks, plus 2 CD-Rom videos.

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NOMINON – Manifestation of Black 7″ EP

  1. Manifestation of Black
  2. Burnt Human Offering

In the deadly wake of 2010′s Monumentomb, NOMINON returns with two new tracks of morbid, ugly old school Swedish Death Metal.
This is the manifestation of black, the ceremony of doom!

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MORDBRAND – Necropsychotic CD

  1. Eaters of the Void
  2. Graveyard Revisited
  3. Skärseld (Return to the Unholy)
  4. The Fall of Flesh
  5. Deathbound
  6. Deliverance

The putrid and unsettling atmosphere of early Swedish death metal has been exhumed! Culled from a shallow grave, MORDBRAND, featuring GOD MACABRE vocalist P. Boder, embodies the true spirit of the old days with unrelenting hymns to the rotten! 6-song MCD.

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BLASPHERIAN – Infernal Warriors of Death CD


  1. The Disgrace of God
  2. Desecration Eternal
  3. Sworn to Death and Evil
  4. Lies of the Cross *listen*
  5. Infernal Warriors of Death
  6. In The Shadow of His Blasphemous Glory
  7. Invoking Abomination
  8. Exalted in Unspeakable Evil

Bestial unholy death doom has returned. Sworn to death and evil, Houston, Texas’ BLASPHERIAN have conjured a work of pure, crushing old school death metal. Heavy guitars, demonic vocals and ritualistic, pounding drumming create an atmosphere unmatched by BLASPHERIAN’s contemporaries.

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ABOMINANT – Where Demons Dwell CD


  1. Baptized By Steel
  2. Bloodland
  3. Firestorm
  4. Rain of Ash
  5. After the Fallout *listen*
  6. The Wolves of Hate
  7. Blackened Earth
  8. Where Demons Dwell

The 9th studio album from Kentucky’s death/thrash masters ABOMINANT has finally arrived! 8 tracks of pummeling, extreme metal (above all!)

“Where Demons Dwell” is the soundtrack to total nuclear fallout!!!!

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BLASPHERIAN – Allegiance to the Will of Damnation CD


  1. Allegiance to the Will of Damnation
  2. Curse His Name
  3. Prayer of Satanic Hate
  4. Crusade Towards Unholy Deliverance
  5. Enthroned In Blasphemous Triumph
  6. Of Unholy Blood
  7. To Walk The Path of Unrighteousness
  8. Crusade Towards Unholy Deliverance
  9. Allegiance to the Will of Damnation
  10. Curse His Name
  11. Prayer of Satanic Hate

Absolutely CRUSHING blasphemic death metal from Texas. Infernal praises of Satanic triumph, enthroned in unholy blood…

Reissue version, featuring 4 bonus tracks and improved layout.

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DIABOLIC – Excisions of Exorcisms CD


  1. Excisions of Exorcisms
  2. Hellish World
  3. Venomous Habitations
  4. Evil In Disguise
  5. Bloodwashed
  6. False Belief
  7. Entombed *listen*
  8. Fragmented Kreation
  9. Infernal Darkness

The 5th full-length album from Florida’s death metal legends DIABOLIC! Satanic death metal at blasphemous speeds!

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NOMINON – Monumentomb CD


  1. Mantra Reverse
  2. Archfiend
  3. Undead Beast
  4. Kevorkian Exit
  5. Omen
  6. Mountain of Hate
  7. Worm
  8. Worship
  9. Wrath of Shiva

The fourth studio album from Sweden’s harbingers of TOTAL DEATH!

Old school death metal played with conviction and aggression. Recorded at Necromorbus Studio,

a new dawn of destruction, damnation, and chaos lies ahead…Are you prepared?!

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IMPETIGO – Defiling The Stage DVD


  1. The Gallery – Normal, IL – 1988
  2. The Ritz – Indianapolis, IN – 1991
  3. The Italian American Hall – Peoria, IL – 1992
  4. Central Illinois Metalfest – Urbana, IL – 2007

The first official DVD from this cult grind band. Spanning the group’s 20+ year existence,

Defiling the Stage features multiple live performances including the 20 year anniversary

reunion show and never before seen bonus material! *View Trailer!*

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  1. Omen
  2. Invocations
  3. Through Dead Dreams Door
  4. Submit To Evil (live)

In anticipation of NOMINON’s upcoming fourth studio album, Monumentomb, Deathgasm Records has released a four-track teaser entitled Omen. This mCD features a track from the new album plus exclusive and live material.


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  1. Serenade For Destruction
  2. Seeding Darkness
  3. Towards The Eternal Dark
  4. Adventus Mortis
  5. Messenger Of Chaos, I
  6. Scepter Of Malevolence
  7. Collustratus A Tenebris
  8. Infinite Silence


The newest full-length from Tijuana Mexico’s INFINITUM OBSCURE has finally been unleashed! An auditory manifesto of the end of humanity and the transcendence of the inner flame.

Recorded by metal legend Bill Metoyer (Slayer, Morbid Angel, Rigor Mortis, etc.) and mastered at the respected Necromorbus Studio.

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AVENGER – Feast of Anger – Joy of Despair CD


  1. The Birth Of Muse
  2. Just For This Night
  3. Voices Of Delirium
  4. Vitriol
  5. Joy Of Despair
  6. Ritual Of Wrath
  7. Captured By Eternal Night
  8. Unable
  9. Feast Of Anger

Fourth full-length album from this Czech death/black metal force! Highly anticipated follow-up to 2003′s Godless.
Includes bonus CD-Rom video. For fans of Master’s Hammer, Dissection and Maniac Butcher!!!

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AZARATH – Praise The Beast CD


  1. Summoning
  2. I Hate Your Kind
  3. Sacrifice Of Blood
  4. Invocation
  5. Praise The Beast
  6. Queen Of The Sabbath
  7. Azazel
  8. Unholy Trinity
  9. Obey The Flesh
  10. Throne Of Skulls *listen*
  11. From Beyond The Coldest Star

Brand new full-length album from the Polish death metal masters! 11 dark and sinister tracks of blistering speed and crushing brutality.
Features Inferno (Behemoth) on drums!!!

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KULT OFENZIVY – Radíkální ateísmus – Tvurcum Nadcloveka CD


  1. Jaký jsem nalezl Duvod?
  2. Co jest lidské? Hlásám vám Nadcloveka
  3. Uzdraven vedomím cím bychom mohli být
  4. Již nikdy netratit úsilím k nevhodným
  5. Dobre vedet jak naložit se svými zdary
  6. Cloveka výše treba pestovat a chtít *listen*
  7. Pak bude volno k stupnum vývoje a rustu…

Unrelenting, intolerant and extreme Black Metal from the Czech Republic.
Motivated by traditionalist philosophy, the atmosphere of this album can be described as a radical declaration of hatred channeled through a focused
and violent form of Black Metal. Kult Ofenzivy takes the Czech sound and imbues within it a more sinister and merciless energy that solidifies
this album as a paramount to extreme and evil music.

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THE NEW PLAGUE – Insatiable CD


  1. Hells Mouth
  2. Welcome To The End
  3. Traveler Of The Universal Dream
  4. Diary Of A Misanthrope
  5. Eater Of Shadows
  6. Lust Of The Succubus
  7. Thicker Than Blood
  8. The Conqueror
  9. Da’ath – The Afterlife
  10. God Can’t Save Me
  11. Extreme Manifestation Of Demonic Possession
  12. Darkness Eternal
  13. Insatiable

Extreme and unholy black/death metal from California, USA. An eclectic assault of audible terror!

For fans of: Morbid Angel, Impaled Nazarene, Gorguts, Terrorizer, Sadus and Pestilence.

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NOMINON – Diabolical Bloodshed CD


  1. Malicious Torment
  2. Sodom’s Fall
  3. Night Of Damnation
  4. Servants Of The Moonlight
  5. Cemetery Of Life
  6. Son Of The Dragon
  7. No Holy Ghost Shall Rise
  8. The Sufferer

Re-issue of NOMINON’s 1st album, which was originally released by Swedish label X-Treme Records back in 1999. Recorded at the infamous Sunlight Studio. Prepare to be crushed!!!

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PESSIMIST – Evolution Unto Evil CD


  1. Mensa Rea (With Evil Intent)
  2. Day Of Wrath
  3. The Pestilence
  4. 1000 Eyes
  5. Killing Is My Business
  6. Phantasm
  7. Let The Demons Rest
  8. Cult Of The Initiated
  9. Summoned To Suffer
  10. Tunnel Rats
  11. Dungeonlorde
  12. Dirge (Outro)

12 rare and previously unreleased tracks, early demos and live studio tracks, including cover versions of songs from POSSESSED, KREATOR, MEGADETH and DEATH. This CD (which clocks in at over 52 minutes in length) also features enhanced CD-ROM features with videos, live photos, etc. and was mastered at D.O.W. Studios in Seffner, Florida by Juan “Punchy” Gonzalez (MORBID ANGEL, TERRORIZER, DIABOLIC, UNHOLY GHOST).

After six years of silence, Pessimist has returned!!!

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QUINTA ESSENTIA – Archetypal Transformation CD


  1. Venom Of The Pernicious
  2. The Universal Longing
  3. Absent Illumination (The Transgressor)
  4. Formative Evasion
  5. Forgotten But Not Undreamt
  6. Arcane Stellar Firmament
  7. Instinctual Human Descension

Newest full-length from this melodic blackened death/thrash group from Alabama (USA). Combining elements ranging from extreme metal to neoclassical, Quinta Essentia have crafted a new opus of mysticism and darkness far beyond any expectations.

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  1. Intro
  2. Warblast
  3. Legacy In Pain
  4. Chaos Sanctuary
  5. 13th Legion
  6. No Forgiveness
  7. Endless Nightmare
  8. Devilish Mastery
  9. Evil Inside

Abominant has been releasing brutal oldschool death metal since their inception in 1993. With their 8th full-length album, Warblast, Abominant has carefully calculated a battle plan that will assault listeners with warblasting drums, vicious air-raiding guitar riffs, pounding bass lines, and sinister orations that bring the feeble masses to their death! For fans of Absu, Zyklon, Belphegor, Marduk, Impiety and The Chasm.

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  1. Catastrophic System Failure
  2. Shellfire And Tombstones
  3. We The Treacherous
  4. Altricial Meta-Genesis
  5. Implemented Digital Control
  6. The Beheadings
  7. Putrid Future
  8. La Fin Du Monde
  9. Shockwave Undertow
  10. Twisted Metal
  11. Implemented Digital Control (demo)
  12. The Beheadings (demo)
  13. La Fin Du Monde (demo)

Crushing Tampa, Florida Death Metal!!! From the masterminds behind the classic war-machine, DIABOLIC, comes this studio project of bone-crunching, blasting drumming, shredding guitar onslaughts and the most demonic vocals ever conjured from the pits of Hell!!! Recorded in D.O.W. Studios by Juan “Punchy” Gonzalez (Morbid Angel, Terrorizer), this recording has remained in the shadows until now. Finally unleashed by Deathgasm Records, Twisted Metal will bring chaos, damnation and death to fans of Diabolic, Monstrosity, Morbid Angel and Hate Eternal.

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DIABOLIC – Chaos In Hell / Possessed By Death CD


  1. Engulf The Enchantress
  2. Jaws Of Death
  3. Chaos In Hell
  4. The Suffering Church
  5. Dissonance
  6. Devour The Subconscious
  7. Possessed By Death
  8. Evulsions Of The Soul
  9. Chronology
  10. CD-Rom Video Track: Engulf The Enchantress

The return of Florida’s masters of bone-crushing Satanic Death Metal, DIABOLIC! Two EPs from these underground tyrants are now available on one CD from Deathgasm Records. Supreme Anti-Christian evil for fans of Morbid Angel, Monstrosity, and Hate Eternal.

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PROFANATICA – The Enemy Of Virtue Double DVD


  1. G. Willikers: Pennsauken, NJ – 1991
  2. Candlewood Inn: Brookfield, CT – January 4, 1992
  3. G. Willikers: Pennsauken, NJ – February 1, 1992
  4. Club Baby Head: Providence, RI – June 11, 1992
  5. The Briar Patch: Carmel, NY – September 14, 1992
  6. Connections Tavern: Clifton, NJ – July 14, 2001
  7. Plus: The 1992 Interview and “Scourging and Crowning (remixed)”

Six full blasphemous rituals from this ignominious black metal horde from the early ’90s. Nearly three hours of filthy black metal insanity, sinful copulation, and a level of diabolism which has not been reached since this band’s demonic conception. Includes bonus features that are not to be missed. Viewing this documentary is sure to cause weeping in heaven. Double dual-layer DVD with both NTSC and PAL formats included.

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SEMARGL – Manifest CD


  1. Disconnection
  2. Provocateur
  3. Holocaust 66.6%
  4. Autokrateia
  5. A Lesson “S”
  6. Schema
  7. Selection
  8. Discipline
  9. Decoding
  10. Triumphant
  11. Regressus
  12. Plasma
  13. The Manifest Of War

Unrelenting, mechanical and spiteful black metal from Ukraine. Similar to Satyricon, Immortal, Dimmu Borgir, and Thorns, but far too extreme in content and message for the mainstream.
Includes a bonus CD-Rom video track.

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NEX – Zero CD


  1. Locate Zero
  2. Loss To Come
  3. Rejection’s Glory
  4. Over Fjell og Gjennom Torner
  5. Veiled Perfection
  6. Exit

“Zero” is the debut album of the Swedish doom constellation NEX. The band makes its effort to pay tribute to some of the pioneers of the doom/death genre, such as Candlemass, My Dying Bride, Katatonia, and Anathema.

Licensed from Next Horizon Records/Hiberica Records.

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NOMINON – Terra Necrosis CD


  1. Release In Death
  2. Arcanum
  3. Black Chapel
  4. Ebola
  5. Among The Beasts & Ancient Slumber
  6. Life Extinct
  7. Tabula Rasa
  8. Hell Above
  9. Bane Appetite
  10. The Infernal Voyage
  11. Bonus: Condemned To Die (Live)

A masterpiece of old school Swedish Death Metal! Available in stores via RED Distribution 8/21/07!

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TENEBROUS – Arias Toward the Black Sun CD (Reissue)


  1. I
  2. Nachtseher
  3. Blood and Soil
  4. Solitary Eternity
  5. Anno Armanen
  6. Past the Black Sun *mp3*
  7. In the Absence of Light
  8. VIII
  9. Unpunished Herd*


High-calibre, yet still ‘Cult’ elite USBM with elite-oriented artwork… Razor-sharp and pissed off… imagine GRAVELAND’s “Carpathian Wolves” meets EMPEROR’s “In the Nightside Eclipse” minus synths. Great production, plus killer packaging with great booklet and layout to boot.

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CRIMSON MOON – Xepera Xeper Xeperu 2CD


      Disc 1 : Serpent Beneath The Skin
    1. Intro: Compos Mentis
    2. The Serpent Beneath The Skin
    3. Bringer Of Calamity
    4. Consummatum Est


Disc 2 : To Embrace The Vampyric Blood


  • Intro: The Dirge Of The Apocalypse
  • Kingdom Of Shadows
  • Praise Be The Blood Of The Serpent
  • Carpe Noctem
  • The Stormbringer
  • Sender Of Nocturnal Visions
  • To Offer Thy Crimson Sacrament
  • The Eye Of The Draconis
  • Outro: Embraced

Deluxe double-digipack CD. Includes the newly recorded “Serpent Beneath the Skin” EP and the long sold out first Crimson Moon album, “To Embrace the Vampyric Blood” from 1996.

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OCCIDENS – Glorification of the Antichrist CD


  1. Glorification of the Antichrist
  2. Warfront
  3. Nuclear Horizons
  4. Descending of the Fire Hordes *mp3*
  5. Extermination in Evidence
  6. Wrath of Blasphemy
  7. Tyrants Warlust
  8. Bleeding Banners
  9. Descending of the Fire Hordes *
  10. Tyrants Warlust *
  11. The Enthrone of the Hellfire Dominion *
  12. Black Metal Armageddon *

An unholy aural assault of Chilean Black/Death Metal. Occidens mixes elements of speed, brutality, and a crushing-blackened atmosphere making this CD a must for fans of Krisiun, Immolation, Blasphemy, and Sarcofago. Also features the long sold out demo “Descending of the Fire Hordes” *

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THRONEUM – The Unholy Ones MCD


  1. Intro
  2. Summoning the Master *mp3*
  3. Flammable Doom
  4. The Unholy Ones
  5. Oppose the Usurpers
  6. Baptism
  7. In the Sign of the Witch
  8. On the Wings of Hell


Thrash from the Deepest Dungeons of Hell – Influenced by thousands of 80′s and early 90′s Death/Speed/Black/Thrash Unholy Gods, THRONEUM stands in opposition to all these happy/hippies pseudo death/black metal shit-heads of today! THRONEUM is aggressive, raw and ugly… Metal as it should be – that’s the only goal of this unholy band!!!

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THRONEUM – Decade of Necrostuprumical Madness CD


  1. Let them Arise with your Death
  2. Decease *mp3*
  3. Molested
  4. Madness Destroys
  5. Bestial Hordes of Darkness
  6. Intro
  7. All Fucking Blood Shed
  8. Connected With Emptiness
  9. Scream From Hell
  10. Ready to Fuck (Sarcofago)
  11. Worship Death
  12. Reborn to Stars
  13. Zombi Attack (Tankard)
  14. Deathraider (Anthrax)
  15. Infernal Waves
  16. Waiting for Perdition
  17. Stench of Putrafaction
  18. Profanation (Incantation)
  19. Dead Crosses
  20. Ridden with Desease (Autopsy)
  21. Divus De Mortuus (Necrovore)
  22. Orders of Doom
  23. Bloody Parchement Persist

10 years of insane thrashing death metal! This 10 year anniversary CD highlights the best of the band’s discography plus rare and unreleased tracks. Deluxe slipcased digipack CD with a poster.

Sold Out!!!


NOMINON – Recremation CD


  1. Submit To Evil *mp3*
  2. Hordes Of Flies
  3. Buried By Me
  4. The End Written In Blood
  5. Mirror Of Dead Flesh
  6. Sickening
  7. Under The Five-Pointed Star
  8. Into Black
  9. Condemned To Die

Old School Swedish Death Metal! Nominon disentomb the long lost Stockholm-style death metal with heavy thrash influence that Entombed and Dismember created in the early ’90s.

The guitars on “Recremation” have that chainsaw to the stomach sound of the classic Sunlight studio recordings. Heavy and distorted bass drives the music creating a massive mix while the drums are brutally heavy and perfectly written to emphasize, not distract from, the guitar work which dominates the music. Vocally, Nominon tastefully exert midranged growls and spew forth higher screams to accent driving moments in songs.

Sold Out!!!


ABOMINANT – Triumph of the Kill CD


  1. Preylude
  2. Deathstruction
  3. Fire and Sodomy
  4. Of Night and Flame *mp3*
  5. Mask of Sanity
  6. Killing the Innocent
  7. Blood Forever Blood
  8. Triumph of the Kill
  9. Defiled

7th Full Length Album from US Melodic Death Metal Masters. Nine new tracks of gun blazing, whisky drinking, rowdy melodic death thrash. METAL ABOVE ALL!!!

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SEMARGL – Satanogenesis CD


  1. Graceful Infection By Evil
  2. Cult of the Crucified*mp3*
  3. Blessing of Insanity
  4. Protonic Zone of Hell
  5. The Funeral of a Beast
  6. Maxima Satan
  7. Devil in Me
  8. Mechanical Storm
  9. Prayer of Purifying
  10. Esthetical Murder
  11. A Little Saint Bitch
  12. Let the Heavens Burn
  13. Copulation With Mechanism

Satanic, misanthropic black art that transgresses morality and aims to destroy this rotten christian world. Satanogenesis is a well crafted album that boasts great production and innovative song writing.

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  1. Emphysema Makeout Party
  2. Goddamn I Gotta Piss Worse Than a Baby Needs a Casket
  3. Acidic Uroflush of Sematic Urethral Jism
  4. Advanced Animal Turdcutter Domination
  5. My Name is Bubbah
  6. You can Stab Him in the Head, just don’t Forget your Money*mp3*
  7. Corpus Crispy
  8. intro: Oops, I Forgot My Semen
  9. Dining at the Crematorium
  10. Shat Out and Shut Up
  11. Turdal Sloshings
  12. Hospice Orgy
  13. intro: Post-mortem Cherry Poppers
  14. Necrophilaxe
  15. Penile Skin Fannypack
  16. She Was Breathing When I Started, Anyways…
  17. Nobody Cares ‘Cause You’re Fat
  18. Wound Urination
  19. intro: Phallical Impalement
  20. Negroidal Prenatal Uterocoitus
  21. Inducing Copremecidal Waste
  22. Too Fat for Emo
  23. What if the Dead Body was Drunk?*mp3*
  24. Gastrointestinal Sandwich
  25. Kidshitter Shotgun Blast
  26. Assault Via Bodily Waste
  27. Sloppy Seconds
  28. The Stench of Burning Death (Repulsion)*
  29. Fangorious Zombific Transformation

East Cobb Gore Grind Motherfuckers, AMOEBIC DYSENTERY, return with their 2nd full-length album to assault your senses with 29 tracks of pitch-shifted vocals, inhuman drum machine, gore grind mayhem.
Heavy and thick professional recording. Bonus CD-rom professional music video from producer Carlos Glover (Lil’ John, Outkast etc…). 28 page unique CD song themed coloring booklet from artists Sam Cuadra (Apocalyptic Visions) and Dani Gundt.

Regular Version – Sold Out!!!

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CULT OF DAATH – The Grand Torturers of Hell CD


  1. Ritualistic Impurity
  2. Summoning the Bloodred Moon
  3. Temple of the Sadist
  4. Tyrant
  5. Sadomatic Rites
  6. Feasting Pits*mp3*
  7. Uphold the Oath of Evil
  8. Terror Command

Cruel Barbaric Black Metal. This is a Re-Issue of the classic release on Warhammer Records with a bonus track. This is the band’s first CD release, comparable to early Beherit, yet faster and slightly more structured. Raw, primitive and evil!

Sold Out!!!


QUINTA ESSENTIA – Neutrality for Defined Chaos CD


  1. Introduction: Gathering of the First Cause
  2. The Destiny of Pity is Destruction *mp3*
  3. Intuitive Path of Strength and Will
  4. Quintessential Holocaust
  5. Interlude: Conquered and Swept Away
  6. Hidden Constellation (A Journey Through the Missing Masses)
  7. Guided by Polaris Through the Night
  8. Outro: Wandering the Path to Mortal Transition

In it’s original form the fifth essence transformed itself into this maniacal, creative entity to proclaim it’s power through ritual force. In maintaining tasteful soloing styles, the bands writing holds together a technical rhythm section with well placed song structures and many vocal styles. After the initial rites and invocation were performed, the band proceeded into it’s most potent creative processes. In taking an accurate and most calculated intuitive path, the band put together “Neutrality For Defined Chaos”.

With their power deep rooted in ritual magic and musical depth, Quinta Essentia will lead it’s destined or linear path through the limitless deep…

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SEMARGL – Attack on God CD


  1. Renunciation Of God
  2. Pure Hatred *mp3*
  3. Technology of Baphomet
  4. God-Crushing Hammer
  5. The Falling
  6. Jesus-Insect
  7. The Sign of Chosen Names
  8. A Cut-Up Dream

Satanic Black / Death Metal from Ukraine with sinister and haunting melodies, evil atmosphere, and an overall clever artistry in musical composition. “Attack on God” is a fierce and angry audible mockery of christianity with top-notch production.

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MANTICORE – For Rats and Plague CD


  1. Envenomation
  2. Praising the Whore on the Altar of Darkness
  3. Liturgical Desecration
  4. Unveiling the Ascension
  5. Those Who Covet this Earth
  6. For Rats and Plague
  7. The Art of Possession
  8. Rise of the Black Moon
  9. Sodomy in the Womb of Paradise*mp3*
  10. Bleeding the Leeches


Finally the new studio album! Too brutal to be called “Black Metal”, too Satanic to be called “Death Metal”! This is an absolute must for fans of ARCHGOAT, BLASPHEMY, PROFANATICA, REVENGE, old BEHERIT, BLACK WITCHERY, CONQUEROR, etc.

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LOSS – Life Without Hope… Death Without Reason CD


  1. Coffin Nails (intromancy)
  2. Conceptual Funeralism Unto the Final Act (of Being)
  3. Cut-up, Depressed and Alone *mp3*
  4. Brave (Katatonia Cover)
  5. The Barebacked Burial of a Torn Angel

“Life Without Hope… Death Without Reason” is funeral doom worthy of your suicide. This CD contains the demo “Life Without Hope… Death Without Reason” originally released on cassette by Weird Truth Productions (Japan) plus two live tracks. Over 35 minutes of depressing dark art.

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HYPERION – Through Centuries CD


  1. Intro
  2. Through Centuries
  3. Visions
  4. Rise of Hyperion
  5. The Old Cross
  6. Creators of Absurd *mp3*


“Through Centuries” is Heavy, Technical and Melodic. HYPERION’s debut CD boasts Intricate guitar work, tasteful hypersonic and precise drums combined with guttural vocals.

Sure to please fans of AT THE GATES,

Buy Now!


AZURE – King of Stars – Bearer of Dark CD


  1. Greeting Chaos
  2. Dead Men’s Shadow Flickering *mp3*
  3. The Lake of Death (Magnion)
  4. Whispers of Echoes Passed
  5. Selene – The Spirit
  6. Shadows In Midark
  7. The Storm (Hill of Heimad)
  8. King of Stars – Bearer of Dark


King of Stars – Bearer of Dark is a masterpiece. Over 40 minutes of technical and skilled extreme metal composed by Robban Kanto and Mattias Holmgren (Former drummer of Naglfar) with special guests Nils Norberg (Nocturnal Rites), Ulph Johansson, and Peter Uvén (Embracing). Awesome limited edition digipack with 16 page booklet featuring amazing artwork by Pär Johansson (Satariel, Dark Funeral, ToarchBearer) and Hampus Samuelsson.

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CRIMSON MASSACRE – The Luster of Pandemonium CD


  1. Catalyst’s Tongue
  2. Conquest
  3. The Devourer
  4. Epoch
  5. The Hyperborean’s Epitaph
  6. Redemption *mp3*
  7. The Luster of Pandemonium
  8. Sacrifice
  9. Of Perverted Hope and Fragmented Suffering

”The Luster of Pandemonium” is an explosive performance of brutal grinding death metal that is steeped in psychedelic technical chaos. Over 50 minutes of chaotic blasts and mindfucking technical riffs.

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TENEBROUS – Arias Toward the Black Sun CD


  1. I
  2. Nachtseher
  3. Blood and Soil
  4. Solitary Eternity
  5. Anno Armanen
  6. Past the Black Sun *mp3*
  7. In the Absence of Light
  8. VIII


High-calibre, yet still ‘Cult’ elite USBM with elite-oriented artwork… Razor-sharp and pissed off… imagine GRAVELAND’s “Carpathian Wolves” meets EMPEROR’s “In the Nightside Eclipse” minus synths. Great production, plus killer packaging with great booklet and layout to boot.

Sold Out!!!




  1. Demonic Possession *mp3*
  2. Cult In the Age of Awuarius
  3. On the Threshold of the Unseen
  4. Straight Way to Hell
  5. Total Devotion


Old school necro death metal in the vein of Autopsy, Cianide, Necro Schizma, Hellhammer, and Venom. Morbid Execution are totally devoted to this medium paced gut churning way of playing satanic death metal.

Sold Out!!!

CULT OF DAATH – Slit Throats and Ritual Nights CD


  1. Bestial Atonement
  2. Conceived Through Black Mass Rape *mp3*
  3. Inhuman Sacrifice
  4. Necrospells
  5. Midnight Mutilation
  6. Occult Obsession
  7. Drink the Blood From the Skull
  8. Transcending the Great Satan


Cult of Daath play raw and primitive black metal. “Slit Throats and Ritual Nights” is a backlash against modern typical mindlessly fast black metal. Heavy, raw, and evil! Each song is a memorable journey into ritualistic darkness with extremely depraved lyrics.

Sold Out!!!


AVENGER – Live at Open Hell Fest, 2003 CD


  1. Forever Against
  2. Not Possible to Forget
  3. Even to the Bones Marrow *mp3*
  4. Evil, Hate, War
  5. Roots of Evil
  6. Godless
  7. Roswell 47


Czech Republic’s only real true Black Death Metal band. AVENGER plays early Swedish style death metal (NIHILIST, CARNAGE or TREBLINKA) with black metal overtones and a distinct eastern European twist.

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HORN OF VALERE – Blood of the Heathen Ancients CD


  1. Ageless Winds of Infinite Wisdom
  2. As Christs Wrists Wept Red *mp3*
  3. A Peaceful Lifelessness (Graveyards of Innocence)
  4. …Of Pure Blood
  5. Call From the Grave
  6. Eternal Desolation of the Weak
  7. A Prophecy of Ivory Skies
  8. Desecrate the Slaves of the Light

HORN OF VALERE play satanic epic blackmetal in the vein of Immortal. The songs vary with fast attacks as well as extensive mid-tempo parts. HORN OF VALERE never lose or compromise the hard-hitting nature of their compositions. There are no gimmicks such as keyboards or acustic guitars on these recordings. Also the raw and nevertheless powerful production supports their approach to music. Melancholic lead guitars and the prominent bass work along with the screamy vocals complete the music on this CD.

Sold Out!!!





  1. Zoantropia
  2. Cauterization
  3. Misanchristianthropy
  4. G.O.D.?
  5. Ophiomancy
  6. Asmodeus “the Destroyer”
  7. Vida Animal *mp3*
  8. Vida Animal


  1. All Holy Virtues Crushed
  2. Celebration in Shredded Flesh
  3. Marching Through Waves of Holy Bloodtide *mp3*
  4. Toward Infernal Dominion
  5. By Darkness Blessed


Split album from two killer satanic death metal bands. The first 7 tracks are from OPHIOLATRY, who hail from Brazil. Musically, OPHIOLATRY is similar to KRISIUN, but with even more guttural vocals. Loads of killer solos and true brutality abound
on their half of the CD. INFERNAL DOMINION’s message comes through loud and clear…satanic American death metal. INFERNAL DOMINION’s signature sound is their over the top drumming combined with ultra fast guitar licks. They give a very strong nod to the old school of death metal, but also have a bit of a new school sensibility about them. This is really great package, and it’s one you should definitely check out.

Sold Out!!!




  1. Intro
  2. Hand of Destiny
  3. Crumbling Empires *mp3*
  4. Seeds of Fire
  5. Set You to Burn
  6. Blood on the Altar of Man
  7. For Those Who Have Fallen
  8. Resurrection Machine
  9. Mortals Damnation

The 6th album from these melodic thrashing dark death goatmetallers. Metal above all!!!

Sold Out!!!


THORAZINE – The Day the Ash Blacked Out the Sun CD


  1. Compromise
  2. Beastial Insemination
  3. The Day The Ash Blacked Out The Sun
  4. The Zone
  5. Behind Cold Eyes *mp3*
  6. My Brothers Keeper
  7. Raping Under God
  8. U.N. Holy War
  9. Sewn By Numbers


Alberta’s Thorazine tear up new flesh with their latest, and unfortunately, their last release titled “The Day the Ash Blacked Out the Sun”… A true classic. Thrashy Deathgrind in the vein of Cryptopsy with raspy vocals, hyper blasting drums, thick and heavy mosh friendly grooves and a thundering bassy recording quality.

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SKELETON OF GOD – Urine Garden – Bleached in the Sun CD


  1. Urine Garden
  2. 10 Second Infinity
  3. Spiritual Schizophilia
  4. Withered Humans *mp3*
  5. Smog
  6. Bleached in the Sun
  7. Laughing at the Rape of the Dead
  8. Drinking Blood & Eating Children
  9. Rervons Tie Magic
  10. Unicornhole
  11. Tigers & Palms & rattlesnakes
  12. Glum Inminescense
  13. Smog

Re-release of 2 classic underground demos on CD from Deathgasm and Highbrid Records (cephalic carnage). Skeleton of God were the predecessors of the “Rocky Mountain Hydro Grind” style that Cephalic Carnage have so marvelously perfected.

Sold Out!!!

KURU – Epidemic CD


  1. Brain Bleeding Cannibal Core
  2. Beast Hammer
  3. Richard Trenton Chase
  4. In Between Worlds
  5. End Of Days
  6. Celebrate The Pussy
  7. Dreams Of Filth
  8. Sleeping Bag Ass
  9. Sleeping Bag Ass II: The Poop Sex Sloth
  10. Ass Raped By Carnival Midgets
  11. Curse Of The Piss Hard-On
  12. Kuru *mp3*
  13. Abyss Of Nothingness
  14. Epidemic
  15. Memoirs Of A Man Eater

Kuru’s pummeling brutality is sure to please fans of Krisiun, Suffocation and Nasum. The guitar work on “Epidemic” is a non-stop bombardment of riffing mayhem. Demented brutal grinding death metal.

Sold Out!!!


AVENGER – Godless CD


  1. Enter My Darkness
  2. Even to the Bones marrow
  3. Before Storm *mp3*
  4. The Return of Apocalypse
  5. In the Darkness
  6. Execution of the Soul
  7. Dreams Of Filth
  8. Forever Against
  9. Godless
  10. In the Deaths Embrace


Czech Republic’s only real true Black Death Metal band. AVENGER plays early Swedish style death metal (NIHILIST, CARNAGE or TREBLINKA) with black metal overtones and a distinct eastern European twist. Memorable songs and heavy productions. Sure to please fans of Master’s Hammer.

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ABOMINANT – The Way After (re-release w/ bonus tracks* & new cover art!) CD


  1. The Way After *mp3*
  2. Taogehtssik
  3. Tomorrows End
  4. Goddess of the Night
  5. The Beauty of our Savage Ways
  6. Desire
  7. Echoes of Sorrow
  8. Visual Conquest
  9. Severed Dreams
  10. Battery *
  11. Bloodlust **

“Absolutely, this was a landmark album for ABOMINANT. Death metal with a strong melodic edge that approaches black metal territory at times. This is just as good, if not better than a lot of the bands signed to those big labels.” – Metal Nightmare ‘Zine

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PAGAN WINTER – The Cult of Flesh MCD


  1. Lord of Decay *mp3*
  2. The Reflection of Misanthropy
  3. Crush Her Soul
  4. Guardians of Darkness
  5. Sea of Vomit
  6. Under a Funeral Moon


Incredibly fast and unrelenting German Black Metal. For fans of DARKTHRONE, URGEHAL, and EWIGES REICH

Sold Out!!!


AVULSION – Indoctrination Into the Cult of Death CD


  1. Undeniable Evidence for Sickness *mp3*
  2. When the Time Has Come
  3. Moronic Inclinations
  4. As the World Burns
  5. Prepare for Slaughter
  6. Desecrated Ground
  7. Nomadic Hordes of Pestilence
  8. Unjustified Insanity
  9. The Endless Cycle
  10. Gathered in Ashes


AVULSION breathes a foul and decrepit breath of lifelessness into death metal. “Indoctrination into the Cult of Death” praises the essence of death with every gut wrenching guitar riff and vomited out gurgle. This CD will please fans of INCANTATION, NECROPHOBIC and AUTOPSY.

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ABOMINANT – Upon Black Horizons CD


  1. The Quintessential Battle
  2. Eroded Faith
  3. Terror from Within
  4. I Can Still See the Flames *mp3*
  5. Fight to be Free
  6. Plague of Sores
  7. Storm of Iniquity
  8. Through the Primordial Void
  9. Upon Black Horizons


“Earth scorching speed breathes harmonious tremolo dominant riffs into massively memorable songs. Abominant are masters at embracing all styles of pure metal, from death, black, and traditional, and creating a unique sound that rips out of the speakers.” – Marty (Worm Gear Magazine)

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THORAZINE – Geneticide CD


  1. Into the Chaos
  2. Aborted
  3. Blind Eat Tthe Blind
  4. Geneticide
  5. Fifth Victim
  6. Here I Lay Rotten
  7. Malpractice Makes Perfect
  8. Curbstomp Execution
  9. Injecting Utopia *mp3*
  10. Baptized In Excrement
  11. Infanticide
  12. Iron Hook Purification
  13. Tortured Existence

The grinding death assault of THORAZINE is as violent as a train wreck. The songs all have that “off the rails” type of feeling when you are left with no idea which way is up. Without a doubt, THORAZINE is one of the better examples of what modern death metal has to offer. Their brand of extreme blast has to be heard to be believed.

Sold Out!!!


SIGNS OF DYING – Desire is Suffering MCD


  1. Perpetual Killing
  2. Impaled Within the Cerebral Vortex
  3. Godlike Necrophoria
  4. Desire is Suffering
  5. One in Chaos
  6. Vicious Cycle *mp3*


Extremely technical death metal ala Necrophagist. Inhuman guitar shred, brutal melodies, guttural vocals, and sick bass lines create a hellish roller coaster ride of death and human suffering.

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AVENGER – Fall of Devotion – Wrath and Blasphemy CD


  1. Behind the Gates
  2. Banished from Paradise
  3. In Chains
  4. Evil, Hate, War
  5. Pope Crucified
  6. Call of Battle *mp3*
  7. The Captives of the Nightside
  8. Opus 666


Exotic blackened death metal from Eastern Europe. For fans of Master’s Hammer.

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  1. Dawn of Despair *mp3*
  2. Treasures Of Darkness
  3. On Death’s Wings
  4. Pinnacle Of Hate
  5. The Fallen
  6. The Dark Mystery
  7. Beyond Spectral Plains
  8. Re-Animation


Melodic death metal from Kentucky!!! For fans of old InFlames etc…

Sold Out!!!


EVIL INCARNATE – Blackest Hymns of God’s Disgrace CD


  1. Kingdom Under the Shade of Night (intro)
  2. Satanic Victory *mp3*
  3. Strike the Earth with Bloodshed
  4. Legions of Christian Pigs
  5. Christ Destroyed
  6. Smoke of the Holy Ones Burning
  7. The Blackest Hymn of God’s Disgrace
  8. Thy King Cometh
  9. At War with God
  10. Sodomizing Ritual (In the Church of God)
  11. Those who Fear the Serpent


Heavy Satanic Death Metal!!! For fans of old school death (Unleashed, Num Skull, Vital Remains, & Cianide).

Buy Now!


V/A – Destruction of the Heavenly Realms CD


  1. EVIL INCARNATE – Smoke of The Holy Ones Burning
  2. AVULSION – Unjustified Insanity *mp3*
  3. UNBLESSED – Religiously Raped
  4. ABOMINANT – Pinnacle of Hate
  5. AVENGER – Evil, Hate, War
  6. SIGNS OF DYING – Impaled Within the Cerebral Vortex
  7. MAD COW – Theory of Conspiracy
  8. VORE – Host of Abominations
  9. REGURGITATION – Repulsive Genital Disfigurement
  10. DEMONCY – The Obsidian Age of Ice (live)
  11. OSSUARY – Kill Your God
  12. APOTHEOSIS – Innocence’s Lost / Nocturnal Adoration
  13. VASTION – Bring to Pass
  14. UNHOLY DEATH – Swingin’ by a Rope
  15. DARK CYCLE – Full Circle
  16. INNER WAR – Each Day Lost
  17. DEEDS OF FLESH – I Die On My Own Terms
  18. FOUR SEATS FOR INVALIDES – Human Wreck’s Container
  19. AMOEBIC DYSENTERY – Sipping a Cup of Urkel’s Shit


Compilation CD

Sold Out!!!


EVIL INCARNATE – Blood of the Saints CD


  1. First Born of the Wicked
  2. Last Suffer of Nazarene
  3. Blood of the Saints *mp3*
  4. Heaven Lay Burned
  5. His only Bastard Son
  6. Twist of the Serpent’s Head
  7. Raised from the Deep
  8. The Sacrificial Lamb
  9. Dead Corpse of Jesus Christ
  10. Scripture of Impurity


2 Evil Incarnate demos on 1 CD! Old school death metal that praises Satan’s unholy name!!!

Sold Out!!!


AVULSION – Dimensions of Darkness CD


  1. Nocturnal Wrath
  2. Disgorged Entrails
  3. Skin Defilement
  4. Inexorable Suffering
  5. Near Death *mp3*
  6. Dimensions of Darkness
  7. Desecrated Ground
  8. Gathered In Ashes


8 songs of bone crushing old school death metal from 1997.

Sold Out!!!


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